Saturday, March 29, 2003

Last night, I stayed up late reading, and finished off on the couch before going to bed. There's something to be said about a good old-fashioned wank, especially after having to be furtive for awhile. Very satisfying.
Yesterday morning I did it in the shower after waking up with a big steely one, half from water pressure, and half from a really strange dream I'd had. More about that in a minute. I used some moisturizing body wash for lubrication. This avoids the chafing that can happen in a hot shower, but also prolongs the process, as it reduces friction.

About the dream: The scenario was that, for some reason, The Wife was leaving me. I was really depressed, and taking solace in sex. The weird thing was my partners. Both were old friends from college who I haven't seen in many years. At first, I was with a guy I'll call A.J. Basically, we were just holding each other for comfort, but we weren't clothed, and I was very aware of him against my leg. After that, I went to the girl, a big black woman I'd had this love/hate thing with my freshman year. I honestly can't remember much about her (in the dream, that is) other than the kissing. There was something about the way she kissed me that was very deeply satisfying. I felt like I could do it forever. The dream was less about intimacy than about comfort. It was very peaceful, which is why I'm attributing my wood mostly to the need to urinate.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Well, last night I came home late and tossed off in bed. Since The Wife was asleep, I had to go for a quiet, minimal movement method. I used the tips of the fingers just at the head, useful since the cupped hand acts as a catcher's mitt. I fantasized about this incredibly delicious woman I saw today. She was tall and black, with a great accent I couldn't place. Might have been Carribean or West Africa somewhere, but definitely not American. She smelled incredible. I don't know what perfume she was wearing, but it made me crazy!