Friday, May 09, 2003

I have to play a quick catch-up here.

Wednesday night, The Wife and I had sex. SEX! On a WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! This is amazing. In fact, it's the second Wednesday night in a row. Used to be, weekdays were completely off-limits. Looks like that's changed. 7 days and 6 masturbations since we last had sex.

Last night was more Erotic Interludes. The first story I read wasn't much, so I ended up almost finishing the second one before I got off and went to bed.

On to more administrative matters: I got a huge spike in readership the last couple of days. Prior to yesterday, my biggest day was 7 visitors on April 27. Probably me viewing the website multiple times while installing something. Yesterday I hit 167, and today is 49. Also, yesterday's post has a comment, and it's not from me. I'm not sure where the traffic is coming from, but you're all very welcome. Please read, comment, and tell your friends.

One of my goals here is to do a small part to make masturbation less stigmatized. That's why I really like the JackinWorld site. It's straightforward and informative, and it doesn't judge or apologize. I'm glad to see that some folks are looking in.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

A couple of experiences new to this blog, but not to me:

Yesterday, as I blogged about the previous night, I got so hot and bothered that I went to the restroom and masturbated there. I've done public bathrooms before, but this is the first time since my office moved to this new building. I had to pause for a bit while some other guy spent ten minutes at the sinks, but eventually I got the job done. The most questionable place I've masturbated is probably either the hot tub or the steam room at the health club I used to attend. If you've never done a steam room, I recommend it. The humid air makes breathing labored, and there's a certain thrill in oxygen deprivation.

This morning, I did a shower scene, but added anal penetration to the mix. It's not my regular habit, but there's a lot to be said for it.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Last night I tried a modification of a technique I've used before.

Often, when I'm trying to decide if I really want to masturbate or not, I'll hold the base of my penis and sort of flip it back and forth, so that it bounces off my navel, if you get the picture. This time, I tried to keep doing that. It's always been an effective way to get hard, but it turned out to give some very good sensations as I continued. Once I got fully erect, it became difficult to keep doing that, so I changed to a more traditional pulling-off motion, but focused on the base rather than the shaft. This made for a prolonged session of intense sensation with a big, explosive finish. I liked it.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Friday night was so basic I've already forgotten it.

Last night, on the other hand, involved another story from Erotic Interludes. This one was a sci-fi theme, with hot alien sex that was surprisingly vanilla. The only real alien thing was skin color. It didn't matter, though. The orgasm was good. End of story.