Monday, May 19, 2003

Well, there's a mystery solved.

I've been using Google Alert to keep track of any mention of masterjack in Google's database (apparently, there's a German pop band with that name. I'm getting a lot about them). Anyway, I just read a past e-mail with a link to this item on I'm guessing this is where the spike in hits came from. Thanks guys!
Saturday morning, The Wife got up early to work out to a new exercise video. I stayed in bed and worked out to Erotic Interludes again. Another lesbian story. Yum.

I went to bed just after midnight this morning, and went for my basic low-motion technique. I didn't so much fantasize as reminisce, I guess. I started thinking about old porn movies I'd watched in college, and with images from Bratgirl and Bimbo Bowlers from Boston bouncing around my head, I soon finished off and hit the hay.

I also gave myself a little tension-reliever in the shower this morning. Nothing spectacular there.