Friday, June 06, 2003

Well, as you can see, I've been gone for a bit. I have been thinking about this blog and it's purpose and trying to decide whether to keep doing it or not.

I started this as a way to answer a question for myself. I've always had this sneaking worry that I masturbate too much. I've wondered if I needed to cut down or be concerned. Posting about it was a way for me to keep track of what I was doing and how often, and making it public would make it harder to blow it off, since I was writing for an audience (no matter how small).

Now I feel like it's served its purpose. Looking back, I feel a lot more comfortable with the frequency of my sessions. I came here today with the intention of cancelling the blog. Then, I discovered that there was a comment on my last post. It was a real question. Somebody seemed at least marginally interested in what I'd written. I checked the stats, and there have been at least one or more people looking at the site every day since my last post, a week ago last Wednesday.

That changes things. If people are reading this and getting something out of it, then maybe there is a real audience. Maybe I do need to keep writing. So here's the deal. If you read this blog, let me know. Comment on this post or a previous one. Send me an e-mail (clicking the CONTACT link above). Tell me that I've amused you or made you wonder. If I get a response from this, I'll know it's not in vain, and I'll keep it going.

Since I don't want to scroll this from the top of the page, I'll give a rapid recap of the last 9 days in my sexual life (what I can remember, anyway):
Thursday, 5/29/2003, morning - I was lucky enough to have a morning off, and I spent it sleeping, reading and having a good time. Only masturbated once, though.

Thursday, 5/29/2003, late night - I "christened" our new easy chair in the living room. Not literally. I was very careful. :-)

Sunday, 6/1/2003, night - The Wife and I had very athletic, very satisfying sex. 23 days and 14 masturbation sessions since the last time.

Monday or Tuesday, 6/2 or 6/3/2003 - I honestly can't remember when, but I'm sure I tossed off in bed once this week, and it was before Wednesday, so there you are. Obviously, it wasn't very memorable.

Wednesday, 6/4/2003, late night - Once more in the easy chair before bed.