Friday, June 13, 2003

Allow me to stray from the text a bit here and expound on a subject indirectly associated with my masturbatory life. It's spring, going on summer, and every year I have to work harder to keep from drooling at the young women who come into my place of work. I'd rather not be specific, but my job is in a public place and involves a lot of direct assistance of customers, and there are times when I honestly have difficulty staying on task when working with some of these women. It's horrifying to me that I get so completely distracted. I feel like a dirty old man, especially considering that most of the objects of my scrutiny seem to be teenagers.

I can try to blame this on the media and popular culture for objectifying women and sexualizing youth, but I don't think that's really very honest. It seems to me that this is purely a physical reaction. None of this is helped, of course, by the current fashions for women of this age: bared midriffs, short shorts, tight tops, and the like have an alarming tendency to make me drop my jaw and babble like an idiot.

Let me be clear. You are not reading the ravings of a pedophile. I am not going to pursue any of these women, and I'm honestly not all that interested in them as sexual partners per se. I just can't help but sit here and think, "Oh, my God, look at that!"
Wednesday night's session was another keep-it-quiet type. It took a while for me to get started. Sometimes I lay there for a bit and just idly play around, trying to decide if I'm going to or not. What finally got me primed was a memory of an old encounter. It's one of those really incredible experiences that sticks with me, and it's provided dozens, if not hundreds, of orgasms well after the fact.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Okay, I guess I've got an audience. I'll keep this thing going. Here's the latest update:

On Saturday night I stayed up late and jacked off to, of all things, a comic book. I was reading a trade paperback of stories from the DC comic book Gen 13. The art is over-the-top adolescent comic-book fantasy stuff, and although I can't really say it was the thing I was fantasizing about, it was definitely part of what got me in the mood.

On Tuesday, I did one in the easy chair fairly late. I was reading Barbach again.

Last night I was in bed early again. I finished Barbach, unfortunately right in the middle of things, so I had to rummage under the bed for some more traditional fare. Lusty Letters or something similar from a sex shop 3-pack. Got the job done, though.